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Extract from February Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

Although a month late, a very happy New Year to you all. The festivities seem a long time ago now. At least the evenings are gradually drawing out and we have Spring to look forward to.

I can't think of anything to say fuchsia or garden wise except that my garden is looking very sorry for itself. I swear I will need a scythe for my grass when it does eventually dry up.

Our next meeting is the 7th February when we will be welcoming back our friend, Brian Carline. Do hope you will be able to make it.

Social Secretary's Report

The Christmas Lunch at the Top Oak Pub in Stapleford Abbotts on Friday 6th December went off very well. There were twenty two of us sitting down on three tables. All the meals came up quickly and everyone seemed to be pleased. The room had been decorated very Christmassy and the tables were laid out with crackers etc. Simon, the Manager, turned up trumps once again. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the day and went off with smiles on their faces, so hopefully that meant it was a great success.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the next meeting which is on Friday, 7th February.

Eddie's Bit

I hope you are all looking forward to another growing season. Don't forget we will have lots of Fuchsia and Basket plug-plants plus Alpines in three and a half inch pots for sale at the March or April meetings. They will be a fraction of the costs you pay at the nurseries.

Elaine's Bit

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to save their used postage stamps for our adopted puppy Vixen to help with training the puppies to become assisted dogs. I have posted another large envelope of stamps off to Canine Partners this week. Well done everyone.

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Extract from December Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

There is not anything from Tricia this time as she has been on holiday to Cape town and will not be back in time for the Newsletter to go out. Here's hoping she is having an amazing time with her son and family. Take care Tricia and look forward to seeing you soon.

Social Secretary's Report

The AGM went well with a good turn out. It was nice to see so many people and be able to socialise whilst eating some finger food bites with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

There were a few tables selling items along with mine, which I try to do each year in aid of St. Clare's Hospice, also a wonderful Raffle brought by Jean Dorset. I was able to raise the sum of £86.40 on my stall, so thank you so much for supporting me for such a good cause.

Friday 6 December Christmas Lunch Top Oak Pub.

22 Members are coming along for the meal. Not sure if I mentioned to you that it was decided we will be eating at 12.30 not 1 o'clock this time, so it will still be quite light outside when we say our goodbyes before the drive home. As it was mentioned before, and at the AGM, there will not be our usual Club Meeting at Collier Row on that evening.

Have a very Happy time over the Christmas holidays and a Happy Healthy New Year for 2020.

Eddie's Bit

Christmas is almost here and we will not be having another society evening until February. We will see some of you at the Top Oak meal but, for the rest, Jan and I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a merry new year or should that be a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Anyway whichever way round have a great time.

Treasurer's Notes

When I took over the Treasurer's position some years ago, I was advised by our then accountant that we had more money in the bank than we needed. At the end of this financial year we were still in the same situation. Consequently the committee decided that we should reduce our bank balance a little bit. In order to do this we decided that everyone who was a member in 2018/2019 would receive a £10 Christmas bonus. We gave these out at the AGM and have hand delivered the rest. I do not think we have missed anybody but if you were a member and have not received it please let me know.

Elaine's Bit

I would like to thank all of you who have been saving your stamps for The Canine Partners to help train assisting dogs, please keep saving them and bringing them to meetings.

I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I look forward to seeing you on the 6th December at the meal and anyone else on the 7th February 2020.

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Extract from November Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

First of all I am sorry if we have disappointed anyone with our Christmas arrangements. The Committee work very hard on your behalf throughout the year so we thought just for once we would do something to make it easier for them, i.e. the Christmas meal at The Top Oak. However, in view of this we will make the AGM evening more interesting with sales tables and refreshments. I hope you will all come along.

Just to remind you that we are still looking for a Secretary and would be grateful for any nominations. You would just be required to attend one committee meeting per month, approximately two hours of your time. I have been covering the position for the last three years and would be more than happy to help and support anyone willing to take this on.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for all their hard work over the last year, also our brilliant tea ladies and all those members who come early to prepare the hall for the meetings each month. The Fuchsia Club could not exist without you.

Social Secretary's Report

The last meeting in October was very entertaining with all the unusual antique items. It certainly made for a very enjoyable evening.

The next meeting is on Friday 1st November and it will be our AGM so I do hope quite a lot of Members will turn up again to support it. As usual it has been decided by the Committee that it will be a nice fun social evening as well, with several of us having tables selling different things that you can purchase. There will also be a few snacks with your cups of tea afterwards.

If anyone else is interested in joining us at the Top Oak Pub for lunch on Friday 6th December, then please see me at the November meeting or phone me. At the moment I think our numbers for that day are 21, so a good response from everyone for our Christmas get-together. If anyone still owes me money for this trip, can you please let me have a cheque made out to The North Romford Fuchsia Society for either a 2 course meal at £20 or 3 course meal at £25

Eddie's bit


We have placed an order for plants which we will have for sale next spring. These should be available for the April meeting.

They are all plug plants the same as last year and we anticipate we will be able to sell them for 50p each.

We will also have some alpines in 9cm pots at about £1 or £1.20

Hope to see you at the AGM which will only take about half an hour, and then there will be a few tables with sales items and maybe a couple of display tables. There will be free mince pies, sausage rolls etc with the usual tea and coffee

Elaine's bit

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to save their used postage stamps for our adopted puppy Vixen to help with training the puppies to become assisted dogs. Look forward to seeing you on the 1st Nov.

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Extract from October Newsletter

Tricia’s Thoughts

I would like to start by thanking Doreen for arranging another very enjoyable get together on the 18th September when we met at the Top Oak pub for a fish and chip lunch. I have to say it was the best fish and chips I have had in a long, long time. Thank you, Doreen, for all your hard work arranging these occasion.

Our next speaker is Ann Wilmore who will be bringing along more of her antique gadgets for us to work out their uses. Do not forget that the October meeting will commence at sharp instead of

Social Secretary’s Report

So many of the Members who attended this meal really loved it there and asked if we were likely to go back again in December like we did last year for a Christmas Lunch. Well after discussions with the Committee Members it has been decided that it would be a good idea to return there once again.

Friday 6 December Xmas lunch – Top Oak Pub

Hopefully quite a lot of you will be interested in joining us for a nice meal just before the Christmas rush.

I believe, like last year, you can either have a 2 or a 3 course meal for lunch. If you are interested in joining us, please see me to put your names down. Hopefully I will have more information at the next meeting which is on Friday 4th October.

Eddie’s Bit

Open Garden

Once again the gods were smiling on us at our last open garden event of the year. Whether we will be able to do it again who knows! The sun shone all day and although the numbers were down from previous days we still managed 100 visitors which was great for the time of the year. The tea and cakes went well as usual which enabled us to donate £616.95 to the NGS charity. We would like to say thanks to everyone who supported us, it was nice to see everyone sitting at tables enjoying their tea and cakes.

Elaine’s Bit

Bert Grimwood sadly passed away last Saturday. Bert was a lovely man who had been a member for quite some years. Due to ill health he had to give up coming to meetings.

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Extract from September Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

I do hope you all enjoyed the last meeting. My thanks to Doreen, Jan and Eddie for arranging cheese, fruit punch and talk. I was only sorry I had to shoot off early.

Our next talk is The Remus Horse Sanctuary. They are always very interesting so you are in for a good evening. I spoke to them today and they are bringing sales items again, including Christmas bits. I know it is a bit early to be using that word but their cards have been very good on previous visits.

Social Secretary's Report

I do hope everyone enjoyed the last meeting where we had a Cheese & Punch and just socialised with friends after a very interesting talk by Eddie. Jan Haley made some lovely fruit punches for us to sample and hopefully I had selected enough of the right sort of cheeses to delight peoples tastes. We were able to play a few quizzes on each table whilst munching away on the cheese and biscuits, which made a bit of fun during the evening for everyone to join in.

Top Oak Restaurant Wednesday 18th September 12.30

The cost will be £16 per person for a 2 course meal. At the moment we have thirteen names, so if there are anymore of you who would be interested in joining us for lunch then please let me know by phone or at the latest at the next meeting on 6th September with full payment. I also have a lunch menu for Members to look at.

Eddie's Bit

Open Garden

Just a reminder we will be open again for charity for the last time this year on September 15th, this time for The National Garden Scheme.

Elaine's Bit

Sadly Marion Patient passed away last month, Marion has been a member for a very long time and even though she could not get to our meeting as she has been so very ill for a few years now she has remained a member and always looked forward to getting her newsletter to see what we were up too. Our thoughts and sympathy go to her cousin Jean Jefferies who is also a long time member and the rest of her family and friends.

Thank you to all of you who are saving your stamps for canine partners I am sure Vixen is very pleased to receive them.

Just to remind you that your Membership is due for renewal next month, it is still £10 per year and £3 each meeting.

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Extract from August Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

We have just spent an idyllic Sunday afternoon in Jan and Eddie's garden, which they had opened to the public in aid of Essex Wildlife. I have been to their garden several times now, but never tire of it.

At the last meeting I was asked about the allocated plant. If any of you have brought them on in pots please bring them to the August meeting when we will ask members to judge them as usual.

Social Secretary's Report

As we do not have a speaker for the next meeting which is on 2nd August, Eddie Haley will be doing another short talk as he did before.

Cheese and Fruit Punch

Jan Haley and myself will be bringing along the items needed to make a Fruit Punch (non-alcoholic), plus Cheese & Biscuits for the evening. There will also be a quiz.

Top Oak Pub/Restaurant 2 course menu

Hopefully at the next meeting I will have some information on this.

Eddie's Bit Open Garden

Once again on Sunday July 21st with rain forecast all around us we did not get a drop. Thanks to those of you who managed to support us, we had another great day with everybody seeming to enjoy themselves This one was for Essex Wildlife Trust who we have belonged to for years. The number of visitors were down but we still managed to raise a nice amount of money. We will be open again for charity on September 15th for the National Garden Scheme.

August Meeting

I have been asked to do a short talk about my family history at our social evening. However I promise I will not bore you with loads of detail. I am just going to say how I got started, one or two highlights and where I am at now. Unless you have lots of questions, it will only take about 10 minutes.

Jan Haley's request

When sorting out the cupboard at the hall, we came across 2 wall hangings that have been in the society for many years and were used at the shows. I noticed there were a few spaces and a lot of current names missing. I will get them out next Friday and if anyone who has not signed them would like to, please do so and I will embroider your signatures to match in.

Thank You

Elaine's Bit

I had a really lovely afternoon at Jan & Eddie's open garden on Sunday where not only the cakes were really yummy and the garden fantastic as always, but I met up with some of our old members who have moved away or are unable to come for whatever reason which made my day perfect.

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