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Extract from July Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

Hope you are all well. Seems hard to believe we are already half way through the year. The time really does pass faster as you get older.

I would like to say a big thank you to Doreen for once again arranging a very enjoyable afternoon on the 19th. It was great to get together over a delicious afternoon tea. Maybe this is the way forward for outings as we are unable to fill coaches any more.

Our next meeting should be all about fuchsias. I am hoping Don Harris will come and give us a talk. I say this as he has been remarkably quiet since I booked him, so fingers crossed.

Social Secretary's Report

The last meeting went well in spite of the fact that not many people were there. The speaker was good and had our full attention throughout his talk and he had so much information to tell us about the place where he worked that he continued after our tea break.

I was also able to have a summer stall for St. Clare's Hospice and was very pleased to have sold quite a lot of items throughout the evening and managed to take £97.15 that night. I have also been given money for the Jigsaw Puzzles sold during evening club nights and have so far collected £8 making a total of £105.15.

On Wednesday 19th June some of the Members met up for Afternoon Tea at the Top Oak Pub. Everyone that came along seemed to enjoy themselves and it was nice to just sit and talk with friends over a cuppa.

Unfortunately I have had to cancel the trip to Wisley on 8th September due to lack of interest.

In December I shall be trying to organise our Christmas Lunch, as usual, so let us hope I can get quite a few takers for that and it will probably be in the same place as last year The Top Oak Pub.

Eddie's Bit

Open Garden

This one was for the NGS Charity which is nationwide so the proceeds go to a number of deserving charities.

The number of visitors was down but we still managed to raise almost as much money. We were able to give £878.50 to The National Garden Scheme so it was a very successful day.

Just a reminder we will be open again for charity on July 21st, this time for Essex Wildlife Trust and September 15th again for the NGS.

Elaine's Bit

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to save their used postage stamps for our adopted puppy Vixen to help with training the puppies to become assisted dogs.

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Extract from June Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

Hope you are all well. At the last Committee Meeting I was asked to write to Kevin Cole re the lack of heating at our last two meetings. I have now received a letter of apology from Kevin. Apparently when checking all the electrical equipment prior to our meeting the electrician blew up the cash tills and the Boiler, hence the lack of heating. Fortunately the weather has now turned warmer so we should be alright next time!

I hope you all found the Walled Garden talk interesting. I had no idea the garden was as big as that.

The next talk is about Rainham Hall and gardens. I am sorry it will be a similar theme to last month but it is so difficult to get speakers I have to book them when I can. Don't forget if you ever hear of a good speaker on your travels do let me know.

This coming meeting will be your last chance to book to go to Wisley in September. Unless Doreen gets sufficient firm bookings on the night this trip will also be cancelled. This will be a shame as we don't have to pay entry at Wisley, it is only the cost of the coach which makes it quite a cheap day out.

Social Secretary's Report

Wisley Sunday 8 September

If at the next meeting I get enough names then I shall be asking you all for £5 deposit, if not the trip will not go ahead. By the time I see you all I shall have phoned the coach company up for details as to how much the 28 seater coach will cost for that day, and then work how much this trip will actually cost per person, but at the moment for this Newsletter I am unable to let you know as I am still biding my time before committing myself too early to pay the £100 as a holding deposit.

Table Sale for St. Clare's Hospice

I might be having a table during the evening selling summer type objects that I have made, as well as other items, all in aid of St. Clare's Hospice so if any of you are interested in buying anything then I shall be glad to see you at my table.

Eddie's Bit

Open Garden

Just a reminder we will be open for charity on June 23rd, July 21st and September 15th. from 12.30 to 5.30.

The first one is for the National Garden scheme, entrance is £4, Children free. The NGS is a nationwide charity and have raised literally millions of pounds for various charities. There will be the usual refreshments and plant sales etc.

Elaine's Bit.

I received this from John Newham who went to the trouble of looking on the BFS website and ringing Derek Dexter after the last meeting to get this information for us about the plants that we bought from Derek.

ISN’T SHE LOVELY is a Bush Variety. Single White Corolla, Creamy White sepals.

MY SACHA is a Upright Bush Variety. Good show bench variety. Single. Red Corolla, Lilac/Blueish sepals.

STRIKE THE VIOL. Is a Triphylla type. Creamy White flowers.

The plant that Derek first demonstrated his cuttings method ( which he told members they could pick up free) was called BOOGIE WOOGIE as far as he can remember, but can't guarantee as his memory isn't as good as it used to be. (ha ha) we all know that feeling.

Last of all I would like to say a huge thank you to John Newham for going to all the trouble of finding out what our plants were called.

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Extract from May Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the talk on Family History, a fascinating subject but, boy, do you need plenty of time to do it.

Our next Speaker is Lois Amos who will tell us about the Walled Garden at Bedfords Park.

Do not forget that you are welcome to bring a guest to any of our talks. All we ask is that they pay a sub of £4. We would love any guests to join the Society, they are under no obligation and we will be pleased to welcome them.

Social Secretary's Report

Afternoon Tea on Wednesday 19th June The Top Oak Pub £12 p.p

For those people who have put their names down on my list and have not paid anything for this outing, could you please pay either the whole amount or £5 as a holding deposit when you see me. I will need the final amount to be paid before or at the next meeting on 7th June.

Summer Flower Show at Wisley on Sunday 8th September

If I can get enough names for this I will possibly consider looking into this trip.

Eddie's Bit


Thank you for your support in purchasing the plug plants and Alpines at the April meeting. We have already covered our costs and made a profit. There are still some Fuchsia and Basket plugs left which I will pot up and bring in to the May meeting.

Advice and beginners Class.

I have been asked if I will do a help session at the May meeting. I am happy to do this but would prefer to do it after the tea break at say 9.15. When I did them before at the start of the meeting I found that I was rushing it and had to stop as the speaker was ready to start.

Feel free to bring plants in that need attention and we can do a sort of workshop. I have to stress that I am not an expert grower by any means and suffer the same failures and disappointments as everybody else. However I can show you how I pinch out and try to shape my fuchsias, how I pot up and what feed and insecticide I use. I can also show you how I take cuttings but you know me with cuttings they probably won't survive.

Open Garden 23 June, 21 July and 15 September

Just a reminder when we will be open for charity.

Elaine's Bit.

Do not forget to bring your used stamps along, we are doing really well so far, I have sent off two very full large envelopes of them to help the canine partners.

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Extract from April Newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

Hi Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed Derek Dexter's talk last time. He was quite expensive but he was very interesting with some useful tips. It was good to be able to buy some of his excellent plants. According to Derek, another of our regular speakers, Sid Garcia, has now retired. This is really bad news as it is already difficult to get Fuchsia speakers, so next year we will be lucky to get any at all.

Our next speaker is Peter Layzell on Family History.

Social Secretary's Report

Wisley Craft Fair 5 May – cancelled due to lack of support.

Afternoon Tea at The Top Oak Pub – Wednesday 19 June - £11 per person

I will have to collect £5 p.p. up front at the next meeting if you would like to attend. This will be paid directly to the Pub as a deposit for each person going. Then on the day you will only have to pay another £6. I think it is a very cheap afternoon outing – hope you will feel the same.

Eddie's Bit


We will bring the sales plants to the April meeting where you can also pick up your free plant. We have plenty of Fuchsia and Basket plug plants at 50p and a few Alpines at 75p. It would be extremely helpful if you could bring some sort of containers to put them in as they are only plug plants and will have to be taken out of the trays they are in on the night.

Unfortunately, the wholesalers supplied Tom Thumb fuchsias instead of Peter Pan. So the ones we have are hardy: Empress of Prussia, Garden News, Genii, Lena, Tom Thumb and White Pixie. The non hardy: Hollys Beauty and Natasha Sinton.

The basket plants are Bacopa Snowflake, Berthelottii Lotus Fire Vine, Brachyscome Blue, Diascia Coral Belle, Marguerite Dwarf Double Pink and Verbena Purple.

Open Garden 23 June, 21 July and 15 September

Elaine's Bit

Do not forget to save your used stamps for canine partners. We have sponsored a beautiful black lab called Vixen. I will have a photo of him on my table for you all to see, also a basket for you to put your stamps in.

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Extract from March newsletter

Tricia s Thoughts

Hi Everybody

We decided at the last Committee Meeting that we would try and reinstate our Fuchsia library. It will consist of numerous reference books for members to borrow as and when. I need to ask if anyone will come forward and look after this library for us. The books will be stored at the Hall and all is required is that you supervise the table on Club nights. That really is all so will some kind person help us out. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hopefully our next Speaker is Derek Dexter. Third time lucky – last year the bad weather caused us to cancel the meeting and the year before Derek was seriously ill in hospital. So…. Fingers crossed.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 1st. Take care,

Social Secretary s Report

RHS Wisley – 4 or 5 May – Spring Craft Fair

If you are interested in going to Wisley on either of these two dates then come up to the table to let me know. If I do not get enough interest I will have to sort out another venue.

Snaps Maltings, Suffolk

This might take place later in the year. I will try to have some information about these places at the next meeting on Friday 1st March.

I have not yet got the cost to either place in case they are not popular with the majority of you.

Eddie s Bit


I will be picking up some plants from the wholesaler to sell at the April meeting.

Open Garden

We are determined to open our garden for one more year. So this year we are going to open for Essex Wildlife Trust as usual but we have been persuaded to open for the National Garden Scheme as well. The NGS have what’s called the little yellow booklets, one for each county. We are in the middle pages of the Essex edition. You can pick up these booklets at most Garden Centres and Nurseries for free.

The dates are

June 23rd 2019 for the National Garden Scheme.

July 21st 2019 for Essex Wildlife Trust.

Sept 15th 2019 for The National Garden Scheme.

Elaine s Bit

Do not forget to save your used stamps for canine partners.

We have sponsored a beautiful black lab called Vixen. I will have a photo of him on my table for you all to see, also a basket for you to put your stamps in.

I have already sent a large envelope of stamps to Canine Partners.

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Extract from February newsletter

Tricia's Thoughts

Hi Everybody, a very Happy New Year to you all. The festivities seem a long time ago now but, personally, I like to get back to normal. The daylight hours are gradually increasing, the bulbs are popping up and there is everything to look forward to.

Unfortunately I have some very sad news for you. One of our longer serving members, Brian Morrison, passed away on the 5 January after a long illness. Up until his health started to fail he was a regular Speaker at our meetings. He was a well known and respected grower, specialising in Tryphillas. He even had one named after him. He will be sadly missed in the Fuchsia world and we send our condolences to his family.

Our next meeting is on the 1 February when we will welcome back Brian Carline who will give one of his amusing non-fuchsia talks. I look forward to seeing you all on the night.

Social Secretary's Report

Hi everyone we are now into 2019 and I cannot believe where the time goes. Hope you all had a lovely time over the Christmas Holidays and managed to keep well and hope you have a wonderful New Year and stay healthy.

I would like to say thank you to all those Members who were able to come to the normal Friday evening at the Club.

On the following Friday we had our Christmas Lunch at The Top Oak Pub in Stapleford Abbotts. I look forward to your feedback at the next meeting on 1 February.

Eddie's Bit

Sad to hear that Brian Morrison has passed away. I knew him fairly well at the first few shows I did but understand that before that he was a great supporter of our Society giving talks and donating hanging baskets etc. He is a great loss to the Fuchsia world. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Well it is the start of another growing season. It is a bit too cold for me in the garden at the moment but Jan has managed to get out there a couple of times so it is beginning to look good. I planted a lot of daffodil and tulip bulbs in containers back in the Autumn which are already coming through the compost.

We are opening our garden three times this year, on June 23 and September 15 for the National Garden Scheme and the usual one on July 21 for Essex Wildlife Trust. So if you would like to come make a note in your diaries.

Elaine's Bit

Do not forget to save your used stamps and empty ink cartridges for canine partners. We have sponsored a beautiful black lab called Vixen. I will have a photo of him on my table for you all to see.

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